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In 1990, Mary witnessed a divine vision, high in the remote Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. What happened that day changed her life forever—and it wasn’t all goodness and light. With unflinching honesty, Mary reveals both the small, surprising specifics of her transformation (her trendy hairstyle suddenly felt “glamorousaloof” and her favorite fashions “now left me cold”) and the life-shattering larger picture, which included wrestling with the requirements of her new Catholic faith, which demanded that she no longer “live in sin” with her soulmate, Bryan. Assisted by Catholic priests and spiritual friends, Mary and Bryan eventually find peace and a “new normal” as their spiritual lives are deepened and they are called by God into new ministries. Their story vividly brings to life both the pain and the grace that come with the life-changing mountaintop experiences that can happen to any of us.

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